Krabi, Thailand – Nov 2018

After my last post we spent another beautiful week in Koh Phayam, getting more into the swing of our trip and its rhythm. Here’s a video of one of many great evenings. 

On one of our scooter explorations, we found this gorgeous little beach which we had all to ourselves.


It took us a full day of travel to get from Koh Phayam to Krabi, where we’ve been for the last 10 days. First a speedboat back to the mainland, then a bus for 6 hours. Brilliantly for our bunch, the bus had this flat mattress area at the back where we could spread out, snooze and watch Ipads 🙂


Still, when we got to the hotel — which, unlike our island bungalow, has air conditioning, a warm shower, a kitchen and no need for mosquito nets — everyone just blobbed out in front of the TV and in the swimming pool for several days. I caught up on a bit of work. And we’ve been really glad to have our own kitchen in this hotel. As delicious as Thai food is, it’s often easier and usually cheaper to be able to cook our own meals.

(Had to add a little fig leaf below.)


After a few days, we made our way to the beach to find a boat for a day trip to some of the islands. We also did a bit of kayaking around the cliffs but couldn’t take any photos as we were too busy trying to keep the kids on the kayak, especially with all the longtail boats roaring past. The cliffs were very impressive though and it was fun to be able to kayak right beneath them.


We spent a stunning day visiting several different islands in a longtail. The photos tend to cut out most of the many tourists (except us ;-)), but the number of people didn’t take away from how absolutely gorgeous the islands are. Though it did make me a bit nostalgic for the years I spent sailing around this area on our boat as a kid — it’s much harder to get off the beaten track without your own boat! And being able to sail is nicer than the constant sound of a motor.

Look at how beautiful this water is.


Also, they do a great job cleaning the beaches here, though it was still slightly shocking to see the amount of plastic in the water. We picked up or swam for whatever we could.

There was little live coral but plenty of fish, which the kids were thrilled to feed. In this video I’m frantically trying to stop them from nibbling Kazumi.


On several other days we all packed onto a scooter to explore other places on the mainland. The Krabi roads are much busier than Koh Phayam and I didn’t feel up to driving my own bike. As a good French driver and scooter-owner, Izumi was much more equipped…even with five people on a bike. No, it wasn’t very comfy.


Yesterday we went to Tiger Cave Temple and followed a sign that pointed up some stairs to ‘Wonderland’. Once we’d climbed up and over we came into small valley dense with jungle and ancient trees. Some had trunks that were several metres wide. The valley was filled with tiny monk’s cells up against the cliffs and several shrines set in caves that went quite deep. Natsuki discovered the first one (pictured below) and I looked just in time to see him slip off his crocs, slide cross-legged directly in front of the Buddha, press his hands together and bend down in prayer. He’s obviously been observing local worship practices well. It was quite lovely.


Can you spot the cheeky monkey who a few minutes later successfully snatched someone else’s drink?


Tomorrow we’re taking a bus to Phuket where we’ll stay for one night before taking the plane to Vietnam.